Dry-Fog Remediation

What is Dry Fog?

In traditional remediation, mold can only be killed by removing the affected material. This process is done through the demolition of a home, tearing out walls, getting rid of furniture Etc. With the dry fog technology there is no tear out or demolition and you don’t have to throw away your furniture.

The reason you don’t have to tear your home or business apart or throw your clothes or furniture out is because we fill the entire space with non-toxic microscopic particles that are so small they travel through everything and even get inside the walls.

It’s a common misconception that when you see mold, it’s just a spot. The truth is that mold is microscopic and spreads everywhere once there is a problem in a building.

You can fit billions of mold particles on the head of a pin. Mold literally pass right through materials like dry-wall, wood etc. We break our non-toxic solution down to a fraction of that size.  The particles are then able to pass right through the walls as well and go everywhere the mold can.

The best analogy would be when you see someone getting their house tented for termites. Yes, they use all kinds of toxic chemicals for this, but because they’re working with a gas, they don’t have to rip the walls open to get to the bugs. Our Dry-Fogging process is similar in that we can get to the mold without having to tear open walls, only it’s non-toxic instead of toxic. It doesn’t get anything wet and doesn’t stick to any surfaces or leave any residue.

How Do we do it?

Mold Bros uses specialized equipment that is custom built for us and allows us to turn a liquid into a gas. We take these machines and place them throughout a home, business, vehicle or yacht and let them fill up the property with the non-toxic gas. We then run our machines for several hours, creating a slight pressure within the property, allowing the non-toxic chemicals to seep into all of the materials and into the walls to destroy all mold, bacteria and viruses within your home or business.

Why does it work so well?

Firstly, with the dry-fog method we’re able to treat your entire property and not just one spot. This allows us to handle the ENTIRE problem and not just one visible spot.

When a mold inspection company tests your home for mold, they test the air. This is because mold is an airborne problem and once it starts growing it spreads through your entire home or business through the air.  We treat everything from the garage & attic to the AC system and air ducts. This ensures we are totally handling your mold issue and giving you a safe environment to live in.

Secondly, because the products we use are being broken down to a far smaller size than mold can possibly be, we are able to treat within all of the materials in the property ensuring we destroy every last spec of mold, bacteria or viruses that would be anywhere within the property. This means total and complete handling of the issue, even for your furniture, within the walls etc.

What we use

We use some of the best and safest products in the world to treat your home. They have been used in hospitals since the 1970s to sterilize everything from surgery equipment to dialysis machines. The reason it is used for these applications (this is not something you can find on a shelve at a grocery store) is because it’s one of the only products in the world that is not only 100% non-toxic, but also breaks down and destroys all known mold, bacteria and viruses.

The products we use for Dry-Fogging meet the highest standards of the EPA and other organizations, both for safety of consumers & ability to destroy nasty bugs (viruses & bacteria) and all types of mold problems. Everything we use is fully EPA certified as both non-toxic and safe to be used in homes & businesses.

Our Guarantee

At Mold Bros we guarantee our work to a passing air quality test, done by a third-party mold inspector every job, to ensure we properly handled your mold problem to the highest standards. If for any reason the air quality tests do not pass, we find out why and then come back and re-treat your property for free until we have a passing air quality test.

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