The Most Advanced Mold Remediation Process In Southern FL

At Mold Bros we use an EPA certified non-toxic, demolition-free, dry fog technology to treat your home or business and not only kill all mold, but keep it gone. At a fraction of the cost of other remediation solutions. Backed by a 100% Mold-Free Guarantee following the service, you cant go wrong by using Mold Bros.


Mold Bros partners with leading mold inspection companies to get you a thorough and efficient mold inspection, so we can properly evaluate and direct the most cost-effective remediation solution.


Mold Bros will perform a complete in-home Evaluation, using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, to identify exact locations of possible trouble areas which can cause mold. We locate areas that aren’t visible to the naked eye and are commonly missed.

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Mold Remediation

Mold Bros’ mold remediation process uses a dry fog to permeate every nook and cranny of your home and eliminate mold everywhere it hides. It even kills mold throughout your air ducting and inaccessible spaces, which other remediation solutions don’t touch.

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Mold Prevention

Mold Bros treats your entire home with a dry fog process to coat all surfaces in your home with non-toxic products, eliminating future problems. No other product comes close.

Odor Removal

Mold, mildew, smoke & pet odors gone in hours.

Duct & AC Cleaning

Sterilize the inside of air ducting and AC systems.

Attics & Garages

Handles all the tight spaces in attics & garages with ease, that other remediation solutions can’t treat.

Whole Home Sanitization

We go a large step beyond other remediation solutions and don’t just handled the “visible areas”. We don’t bandage the problem, we terminate it.


Rest assured, we’ve got you…we guarantee it.

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Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes, small and large, in any configuration, have 100% success with our process.

Multi-Family Homes

Duplex, Triplex, entire complexes, literally any size multi-family unit are all fully handled with our process.


We work with HOAs, individual condo owners and property management companies to handle individual units and all common areas.


Small, medium or large hotel facilities. We treat everything from entire establishments to just a single room at a time.

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We treat office spaces of any size and configuration, either all at once or in stages as required.

Retail Spaces

In retail no down-time can be afforded. Our process gets you back in operation in one day.

Restaurants & Food Service

Our process completely sanitizes your facility, killing all mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses. This extends beyond the kitchen and dining areas, killing and preventing bacteria and viruses throughout the entire establishment, helping eliminate food-borne illnesses and cross contamination.

Medical Facilities

Our non-toxic solution was originally developed to sanitize medical-grade equipment and medical facilities. It is fully EPA tested and certified for use in hospitals and medical establishments.

Animal Hospitals

By eliminating all mold, bacteria and viruses in your facility, you now have the upper hand in ensuring the animals you love get the best care possible and recover safely. Our process is fully EPA tested and certified for use in medical facilities and is 100% pet-safe.

Manufacturing Plants

Maintain the purity of your manufacturing process and prevent harmful contamination with a fully sanitized facility.

Storage Warehouses

Protect the value of your stored property by eliminating mold with finality using our dry fog process. The only process that effectively remediates not only the space, but the content stored in the space, at the same time.


Our process is applicable to all forms of transportation, be it public transportation or the transport of goods. Prevent falling victim to the spread of sickness and disease through public transportation by maintaining fully sanitized vehicles. Goods inside airplanes, shipping containers, etc, will no longer be prey to mold and bacteria, reducing waste and increasing profits.

Boating & Marine

Boats and marine facilities are often plagued with mold issues, requiring boats be hauled into dry dock and interiors torn apart to handle the mold. With our process, demolition is not necessary, mold is completely eliminated. Our product is backed by a 100% Guarantee.


Eliminate bacteria & viruses in your facilities and eliminate it’s re-occurrence. Protect the quality of your product and the health of your customers.


Governmental & Military Facilities

We are fully registered and do work with the Federal Government & Military to handle their facilities.

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