Your Non-Toxic Mold Remediation Is Here

Is our mold removal non-toxic?
When we say non-toxic mold removal, we really mean non-toxic.
The products we use are the same chemicals originally developed for use in sterilizing
the insides of medical dialysis equipment where incredibly exacting
standards require not even the slightest amount of toxic residue
to be left behind.

Dry Fog Technology

These days only the cool kids use Dry Fog Technology.
The other guys who come in like a bull in a china shop,
ripping up everything only to have you put it all back together
again, is just so yesterday.
We’re in and out in a few hours and leave no trace….
other than your mold is gone.
So, if you are looking for the best mold removal
has to offer, you’ve come to the right guys.
If you want the low down on our secret sauce, click below.

More About Dry Fog Technology

Our Process For Mold Remediation

We’re in. We’re Out. With just a few steps in between and it goes like this:
1) You call or email us
2) One of our Evaluators comes and scopes the place out and gives you an
estimation for the work on the spot.
3) You say “What? That’s all it costs? It takes just one day?”
4) We say “Yep”
5) On the scheduled day, you let our Delivery Specialists in and you go grab a coffee.
6) We work a few hours of our magic. By magic we mean a lot of boring geek
speak you can read below to achieve that mold remediation.
7) You come home to a mold-free house, take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief.
8) We call you 3-5 days later with the lab results of our final test, letting you
know that the battle is won, and you’re free of mold.
9) You do a little happy dance.

       How We Treat Your Home:
Non-Toxic & Pet-Safe Mold Removal

So what do we actually do between walking in the front door and walking back out
a few hours later? It runs like this:
1) We set up our special fog nozzles in the first few rooms of the house and connect
the tubes back to the equipment on our delivery vehicle.
2) We fog those first rooms with dry fog, then move room by room through
the house until the whole house has been completely fogged. That includes the attic,
AC ducting, anywhere little mold militias could be hiding out. We find them all.
3) It takes about an hour for the fog to dissipate to a comfortable level to
re-enter the house.
4) We do a scientific mold sampling both inside and outside the home and ship off
the samples to a testing laboratory. We take the outside sample to act as a baseline
for evaluating the interior. Then we take another sample in the spot of the house where
the mold issue was the scariest.
5) A residual vinegar-like scent from the treatment dissipates completely over
the next 24-48 hours.
6) Roughly 3-5 days later we email you the lab results showing you that the population
of Mold Town has been evacuated.
The end result is a truly non-toxic and pet-safe mold remediation you can count on.