Once you have had to deal with mold in hour home you want to avoid it coming back.

The first step of our process, InstaPURE handles mold by disinfecting virtually any home, office, or other building but what happens when new bacteria and viruses enter the premises?

EverPURE, the second step of our process is the answer! This anti-microbial leaves no residue but sits on your keyboard, door knobs, walls, counters and every other surface of your home, waiting for the next bacteria or virus looking for a place to land. When any bacteria or viruses tries to land on a surface of your home EverPURE destroys the cell on contact.

EverPURE was originally created to treat clothing so that it would be unable to support mold & bacteria. This is especially useful for workers on oil rigs and other environments that support the growth of molds and bacteria.

Other preventative treatments use toxic chemicals to inhibit mold from growing.

EverPURE is not only non-toxic, family and pet safe, it is FDA approved for contact with food.  EverPURE physically kills mold in two ways. When sprayed on a surface EverPURE bonds onto the surface, forming microscopic spikes that are about one thousandth the thickness of a human hair. It also has a static electric charge that attracts mold spores. When a mold spore lands on the EverPURE the microscopic spikes pierce the spore while the static electric charge “zaps” it. The spore is killed on contact. This is also how it breaks down toxins.

EverPURE is also long lasting. In a limited test the EPA verified EverPURE provided 90 days of protection once it is applied. In-house tests demonstrated EverPURE can last in excess of 6 years.

Fact: The expensive antimicrobial filters you can buy for your air conditioner work by having a static electric charge applied to them that essentially “zaps” microbes. However, even a single drop of water landing on the filter will cause this charge to instantly vanish.

Mold Bros has filters available for many air conditions that have been treated with EverPURE. This treatment creates a static charge that’s virtually permanent and will not disappear if it get wet. The static charge attracts and “zaps” mold spores while the spikes pierce it. Plus, it is much less expensive that other anti-microbial filters, making it an inexpensive way to help prevent mold spores from entering your home.

Updated 20 May 2019