Shirley speaks about her experience with black mold and how Mold Bros with Dry-Fog mold remediation was able to help her.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) issued the following statement on their website:

“Since the reaction of individuals can vary greatly either because of the person’s susceptibility or type and amount of mold present, sampling and culturing are not reliable in determining your health risk. If you are susceptible to mold and mold is seen or smelled, there is a potential health risk; therefore, no matter what type of mold is present, you should arrange for its removal.”

More information on mold and mold related health issues is available on the CDC website at:

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My experience with the Mold Bros was very professional. I was educated on the subject. Where I didn’t understand it, it was very clearly laid out for me. It was made very, very simple and the result was incredibly professional and very rapid.

That was my experience. Originally when I called I was able to reach one of the owners of the Mold Bros, and he came over. He set an appointment, came over and he went over and educated me on the whole procedure of it. Of how black mold works. How it’s treated and where the end product is. And I was showed the entire procedure so that there was no lack of education. Whereas some people come in and just go “Here’s what we’re doing”…you have no idea.

Well we left in the morning and I think it was just a matter of about three hours and I was able to go back in the fourth hour. That was good, everything was really good.

It was a year ago that I had it done in the place where I lived and it was really good. People that had been in it beforehand, that knew that I had this done, they walked in and they would say, “This is amazing. There’s such a difference.”

I was having such bad sinus pain – very, very bad sinus pain and nothing was resolving it nothing at all was even making it easier, was making it go away. I had massive ear pain and I’d go to the doctors they said nothing was wrong. I went to my other doctor and he recommended getting this test done. And it showed that there was just a high elevation of black mold in there, where I lived.

Okay, after the treatment I really noticed that I felt better. I could breathe easier. I could sleep better. You know a lot of the pain that I had in my face wasn’t happening and that was all as a result of the treatment. I felt like a black layer was removed from where I lived and it was like all of a sudden that I could breathe freely – whereas before I was in so much pain. It turned out that I had mold in my sinuses as a result of it.

It felt a lot better. It felt cleaner. I didn’t realize it felt dirty before. It felt cleaner and smoother. It’s like when you go into a pristine house and it’s like everything’s white and it’s really you know…it just felt clean, clean. Clean that’s the best way to put it.

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