Jennifer K. talks about her experience with Mold Bros. We work hard to create the ideal experience and are proud of what our clients have to say about us. We look forward to helping you have your own “Mold Bros Experience”.

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“One of the things that I really liked about the procedure for mold remediation that mold pros provides with their service is that it it’s not anything structural that you have to do. There are no workmen coming in your house and ripping things apart to get rid of mold because they use the dry fog.

You literally  have them come in and they set up. They dry fog your house and then they leave. You don’t have to move anything. You don’t have to prep for it.

You know, it’s  completely hassle-free and also, it’s not taking days or weeks or some kind of construction on your home to get rid of the mold. So, it’s very non-invasive and I actually like that because I’d be concerned with having someone come into my home and start tearing things apart to get rid of mold.

That would make me very nervous, and during that process all I would be thinking about would be how much is this costing me. If something gets torn out, like okay, I know that we had an estimate but now what’s happening? It would cause me a lot of anxiety whereas having the dry fog… because it’s non-invasive you don’t have to worry about that.

The price that is quoted is the price. They come in, you don’t have to prepare anything. You don’t have to worry about when they leave. There’s really nothing for you to do. It gets done. It gets rid of the mold and your house is still fully intact and you don’t have workmen coming in and out.

So, it’s non-disruptive even to your own schedule. You know how many hours it will take for them to perform the service for that day and it’s done.”

—Jennifer K.