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Handling mold problems starts with an evaluation to discover the moisture source in your home that is creating an environment where mold can grow. One of our Evaluation Specialists will use the latest sophisticated equipment to do a top to bottom inspection of  your house at a time that is convenient for you.

Because our Dry-Fog process is fast (also inexpensive and non-toxic) we are able to completely handle any mold problems in your home within a couple of days after the Evaluation…it could be a little longer, depending on whether we find moisture sources that you need to fix before we treat your home.

Not Sure if You Have Mold?

If you aren’t sure you have mold we can refer you to several mold inspectors we work with in your area.

As a mold remediation company, we’re not allowed to tell you whether you have mold or not and then treat your home for mold. Florida law protects the public from being taken advantage of by shady operators who have done both mold inspection and mold remediation in the past. We think it is a good law and we work to make the public aware of it.

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