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Wondering whether or not what they're seeing, or smelling is mold and if it’s toxic to you and your family?

This can get confusing, when you Google for images of mold (you will find a ton of different pictures that can sometimes make it just as confusing as before you searched for pictures.

Mold being an airborne issue it becomes very concerning that something toxic is being carried through your home by your air conditioner and ending up in your family sinuses or lungs all day and all night long.

There are several types of inexpensive tests that can be done to provide you to for information on what might be in the air that your breathing.

Usually when somebody sees something that looks like mold that is enough for them to contact us to come to do a free in-home evaluation.

However, we want to provide you with the most thorough and valuable information by explaining the different types of tests that are available to see if you and your family is safe in your own home from an invisible enemy that slowly deteriorates your immune system.

Call us at (561) 332-1880 and we will spend as much time as necessary with you to explain the different options that you have to find whether your safe in your own home or if you have a situation that you would need to take care of.

Our help is yours, and we want to you have good knowledge and quality information about the effects of mold and the solutions that are available to you.