Our Beef With Mold

What’s your beef with mold, what have they ever done to you?  That’s a question we hear a lot.  Here’s what mold is and does.  A mold spore is like a little mold seed.  It doesn’t do anything until it lands on a surface and sprouts, kind of like a plant.  Once it sprouts, it digests the materials around it and in doing so, gives off waste products.  Those waste products are what is toxic to us. Some molds produce the waste as a toxin, intentionally, to ward off other mold varieties, like a turf war.  All of that creates a very unhealthy environment. This necessitates guys like us, who come in to provide some of the best mold remediation.

Mold Remediation West Palm Beach

Mold Removal West Palm Beach

Demolition-free Dry Fog Technology

How is fog dry? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

We asked that too.  First you have to ask, what makes fog wet?  The larger the droplets of water, chemical, etc, the lower the surface tension of the droplet, and thus the easier it is to break that tension and change shape so as to soak into materials it contacts.  Surface tension is that “force” which keeps a droplet…well…a droplet.  When that tension breaks, the droplet of liquid changes shape and absorbs into the material it contacts.  What is dry fog and how are our droplets so special?  Simple.  We have really really, really, really, small droplets.  That’s dry fog!

OK, lets elaborate just a bit there.  Our specially designed equipment gets the droplets so teeny tiny that they reach the small size of the mold & bacterial themselves.  That’s seriously small!  So small that the surface tension of those liquid molecules is sooooooo strong that they just stay droplets and don’t absorb into anything.  In fact, if you were to run your hand through the fog coming out of our nozzles, it’d come out completely dry.

Due to this we have gained a reputation as perhaps the best mold removal company West Palm Beach has to offer – because our technology for mold remediation works.

So simple you say?  That sounds so easy you say?

Just wait.  Let’s keep it interesting:  it isn’t the dry fog molecules themselves that kill the mold.  If that’s all it was, those dirty little mold spores would smile and wave us off.  However, those micro Hercules droplets bounce around the room everywhere, holding their surface tension until suddenly the droplets pop and turn into a gas.  That gas then seeps into all of the little pockets in every porous surface of the house, striking fear into the toxic hearts of every little bacteria, virus and mold spore in your house.  Don’t worry, it’s a clean, quick end.  We put them out of their misery oh so gently.  We’re nice that way. This is how we can confidently say that we arguably are the top mold removal company Palm Beach has.

How could something be so dangerous to mold and bacteria but not to me?

OK, ok, so this stuff kills bacteria, viruses and mold with wild abandon, resulting in pure mold removal.  So how is something toxic to them, not toxic to me? The question should be, how does the gas actually kill the bacteria, virus and mold spores in the first place?  Our chemical compound is essentially a low-grade acid which breaks down the cellular walls of the mold spore itself, thus making it collapse.  No spores, no mold.  However, you’re pretty special in that you have stronger cells with a different cellular wall structure that isn’t affected by the chemical at all.  The same way salt is used as a disinfectant and a preservative to kill bacteria, mold, etc, yet goes so well with a margarita. Take it from us, Dominic has been fogging thousands of homes, and other than a new inexplicable fascination with My Little Pony, he turned out just fine…

Mold Remediation West Palm Beach