What is an Evaluation

Overview of the Evaluation

Mold Bros’ one of a kind Evaluation is designed to find the source of the mold problem in your home or business so once handled the mold doesn’t come back. Mold is a plant and needs water to grow, so we help you find any leaks or humidity problems in your home and advise on how to fix them. This way we can stop the mold from growing at the source.

We will send a specialist to your home, they will check your home from top to bottom, with specialized equipment, to find any source of moisture, from leaks from your roof, plumbing leaks, humidity issues, AC issues, etc.

Purpose of Evaluation

The purpose of the Free Evaluation is to stop the spread of the existing mold problem in your home by cutting off any moisture it may be growing from. Because mold grows where moisture is, if you don’t get the moisture issue handled FIRST, any mold remediation will not be successful. This is why you often hear about people having to get remediation done 2-3 times in a home and is where the rumor of, “once you have mold, you always have mold” stems from. You always want to find out WHY you have a mold problem and fix that, then fix the mold issue or the mold will continue to be a problem for you in the future.

The second purpose it to help prevent any future problems from arising. If you remove the mold problems, but never find the source and eliminate it, mold just keeps coming back up in the future.

How is a Free In-Home Evaluation different from a Mold Inspection?

The Free in-home Evaluation from Mold-Bros is designed to find the reason mold is in your home or business so the source of the problem can be handled once and for all. Then we eliminate all mold, bacteria and virus with our process to provide a total solution for the safety of your family or employees.

A Mold Inspection is done by a Mold Inspector who sends air quality samples to a lab to identify what type of mold exists in your home or business and to validate the presence of mold.

In the State of Florida, it’s against the law for a mold remediator to also be a mold inspector as this is a conflict of interest and the reason why the law was made.

One should be very suspect of a remediation company that says they also do inspections. As we treat hospitals, doctor’s offices and restaurants we follow the letter of the law.

We guaranteed a passing air quality check at the end by a third-party independent inspector. If we were the ones doing the remediation AND the check afterwards our customers couldn’t be 100% certain that their homes or businesses were safe for their families or employees.

Common Questions

Is there any extra charge for the Evaluation?

There is never a charge to do the evaluation, this part of our process is to make sure our treatment will be 100% successful in ridding your home or business of mold and prevent it from coming back.

Can you find mold for me?

As a remediation company we are not allowed to tell you if you do or do not have a mold problem. A licensed mold inspector is how you determine by actual lab results if you have a mold problem. We are however, able to tell you if you have a leak or humidity in your home that could potentially create a mold situation.

How long does the Evaluation take?

The evaluation from start to finish lasts anywhere from 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of a home.

What happens when you find a moisture problem?

When a moisture issue is found, we will advise on how to get it taken care of. Once the problem is fixed and the area is dry, we will come and treat your home.

What to do next?

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