The Dry-Fog Process is new to Southern Florida but was invented over 20 years ago and has been used to treat tens of thousands of homes and businesses since then. You can learn more on our website or call to speak with one of our professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mold Basics

What is mold?2018-12-27T19:55:36-05:00
Mold is a microscopic version of fungus. Mold is a tiny plant that isn’t visible to the naked eye until it has grown into a forest of millions of mold plants. The role of mold in life is to break down organic material—plants, animals and other organisms. It is always around no matter where in the world you are but it’s only when it starts growing indoors that it becomes a problem for people.There are over 100,000 know variety of molds and funguses in the world, and scientists estimate that there are 3-10 times that amount still not categorized. In the US we have about 20,000 variety of mold and about 2,000 of those can grow indoors.Because molds are microscopic and tend to be green, black or brown in color it is not possible to identify the type of mold growing by sight. The type of mold can only be identified by laboratory tests.Mold spores are the microscopic seeds of mold. They are so small that you can fit billions of them on the head of a pin. They blow through the air finding new places to grow and establish themselves. In a home the air conditioner can help them spread throughout the entire home from a single small colony.
Mold Allergies & Reactions2018-12-27T21:30:34-05:00

Some people are allergic to molds, often because of prolonged or repeated exposure to molds and their spores. However, many people are actually not bothered by the mold itself. They are affected by the things that molds produce to feed or protect themselves. Find out more here.

How can I prevent mold in my home?2018-12-31T02:39:54-05:00

Mold requires food and water to grow. It can feed on anything organic, from wall board and wood to carpeting and even dust. Of the two, water is the most important factor you can control in your home that will prevent mold from taking hold and growing. It is important to immediately fix leaks, such as water from a plumbing or roof leak, and to dry out any materials that got wet within a day or two of their getting wet. Also, if the humidity in hour home reaches 65% or more it provides enough water for mold to take hold. Since your air condition is the largest dehumidifier in your home, it is important that your air conditioner is working properly and that you set the temperature low enough that the air conditioner is able to maintain the humidity below 60%.

General Remediation

Traditional Mold Remediation2019-01-02T15:50:29-05:00

Mold has been a problem for thousands of years. Instructions for handling mold were even mentioned in the Old Testament. Mold remediation has been virtually the same for thousands of years, you rip out everything that has been affected by mold and rebuild. The primary improvements in the last 2,000+ years are protective equipment for workmen, power tools and air filtration devices.

Click here to learn more about traditional mold remediation and our more modern Dry Fog technology and the advantages of each.

What is Mold Remediation?2018-12-27T19:55:22-05:00

Remediation is the action of counteracting or eliminating something undesirable; in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage. It comes from the Latin word remediare to “heal or cure”.

Mold Remediation is the action of correcting or setting right an undesirable situation with mold in a building or home. There are two primary approaches:

Traditional Remediation:  has been around for thousands of years.

Dry Fog Remediation:  is a more modern approach to mold remediation.

Dry Fog

Dry Fog Remediation2021-02-19T15:43:51-05:00

Dry Fog Remediation is a more advanced technology that solves many of the limitations of traditional remediation.

Dry Fog is a process were we break down sterilants to i microscopic scale that is so small it can penetrate into every nook and cranny in a building (even inside the walls) and we fill the house with it, effectively destroying all mold, bacteria and viruses.

A primary benefit of our dry fog process is that you do not need to tear apart your walls and do not need to replace your furniture, curtain, carpets and clothing. It is EPA certified as 100% non-toxic and is safe for you, your family and pets.

Why isn’t everyone else using Dry Fog?2021-02-19T15:46:25-05:00

Traditional “tear it out and rebuild” remediation has been in use (and essentially unchanged) for thousands of years so is well known.

The disinfectants used in the Dry Fog process have been around since the 70s. They are still used for disinfecting operating rooms and medical equipment and have stood the test of time. That being said, we don’t charge 10s of thousands of dollars to treat places… So why would others want to change to it?

Is there a Guarantee?2020-06-12T16:24:06-04:00

We guarantee our process to passing air quality test. If the air quality test after the treatment doesn’t pass, we will retreat it on us.

Is Mold Bros licensed?2018-12-27T20:52:16-05:00

Yes. We are licensed with the State of Florida. Our Mold Remediation License number is:  MRSR2751

Is the Dry Fog process safe?2021-02-19T15:47:11-05:00

Yes. Everything we use is fully certified as non-toxic by the EPA. They are safe for you, your family and your pets.

Why do we treat the whole home?2020-08-25T15:23:04-04:00

Mold is a microscopic plant and like most plants it produces seeds (spores are mold’s seeds) to grow new plants. The air conditioning system in a home spreads mold spores throughout a home and with enough water mold can take hold in multiple areas in a home. Plumbing and roof leaks, wet foundations and high humidity in the air from improperly functioning air conditioning units can provide enough water for mold to take hold. We treat the entire home to make sure that all mold in the home is killed, not just the mold that may be visible to the eye.

How long does it take?2019-01-02T15:43:34-05:00

Since we treat the entire home — including the living area, garage, attic, basement or crawl space under the home – it depends on how many rooms or spaces there are in the home. The average home can be treated in about two to four hours.  The disinfectant we use is not-toxic but it can be irritating to the eyes so we suggest you wait an hour or two before returning home. Many clients have us Dry Fog their home while they are away at work.

Can I leave food out?2021-02-19T15:48:49-05:00

Everything we use is non-toxic and has been EPA certified as non-toxic.

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