I’ve got mold…what about my Furniture, Carpets, Clothing…

You DO NOT always need to replace furniture, carpets, curtains and clothing and you DO NOT need to rip out and replace walls, cabinets and fixtures.

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The approach of tearing out and replacing materials in a home that have been infected with mold has been pretty much unchanged for at least two thousand years.

Mold Bros offers a modern approach to mold remediation that kills mold and sterilizes your home and all of it’s contents. The result is that you may not need to throw out your possessions.

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A red leather chair with mold.

When Do You Need to Replace an Item?

The longer the mold has been present the more damage it does. This is because mold eats the object that it is on. Fortunately individual mold plants are small and don’t eat much so it can take a fairly long time for any damage to be visible.

On a wall, if the mold hasn’t been there for long you can often just paint over it once we have treated your home.

When it comes to clothing and furniture, once we have treated your home, you can look at the item and decide if there has been enough damage that you feel it is necessary to replace it. Quite often you are able to simply wash or dry clean an item and continue using it

Dry-Fog: A Modern Approach to Mold Remediation


Dry-Fog Remediation is an advanced process that solves many of the limitations of traditional remediation.

The Dry-Fog is uses a technology to atomize sterilants, creating a gas that is able to to physically penetrate all spaces and porous materials that mold spores can penetrate—into wall cavities, behind base boards and cabinets, into materials like furniture, wallboard and clothing.

The Dry Fog goes everywhere mold can go and kills it on contact. And, because it’s a sterilizing formula, it not only kill mold on contact it also neutralizes the toxins it produces — esentially sterilizing the home.


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