Generally speaking, mold problem falls under the part of your insurance policy called Sudden and Accidental. This means if a leak is found in a timely manner, that came from a circumstance that could not have been your fault, you could be covered.

For example:

  • A plumbing leak that causes a mold problem, is an extremely easy issue to get covered by an insurance claim.
  • AC units breaking and causing a high humidity issue in a home is almost never covered.
  • If a roof leak happens it is likely to not be covered unless it is a leak caused by a natural disaster like a hurricane, then it has a very high probability of being covered.

Note: There are some gray areas when it comes to what is covered or not based on the circumstances. We would always recommend speaking to a professional about this (such as a Public Adjuster). We are always happy to help you with getting in touch with the right person.