Our Beef With Mold

What’s your beef with mold, what have they ever done to you?  That’s a question we hear a lot.  Here’s what mold is and does.  A mold spore is like a little mold seed.  It doesn’t do anything until it lands on a surface and sprouts, kind of like a plant.  Once it sprouts, it digests the materials around it and in doing so, gives off waste products.  Those waste products are what is toxic to us. Some molds produce the waste as a toxin, intentionally, to ward off other mold varieties, like a turf war.  All of that creates a very unhealthy environment. This necessitates guys like us, who come in to provide some of the best West Palm Beach mold removal.

Mold Remediation West Palm Beach

Mold Removal West Palm Beach

Demolition-free Dry Fog Technology
Mold Removal West Palm Beach

How is fog dry? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

We asked that too.  First you have to ask, what makes fog wet?  The larger the droplets of water, chemical, etc, the lower the surface tension of the droplet, and thus the easier it is to break that tension and change shape so as to soak into materials it contacts.  Surface tension is that “force” which keeps a droplet…well…a droplet.  When that tension breaks, the droplet of liquid changes shape and absorbs into the material it contacts.  What is dry fog and how are our droplets so special?  Simple.  We have really really, really, really, small droplets.  That’s dry fog!

OK, lets elaborate just a bit there.  Our specially designed equipment gets the droplets so teeny tiny that they reach the small size of the mold & bacterial molecules themselves.  That’s seriously small!  So small that the surface tension of those liquid molecules is sooooooo strong that they just stay droplets and don’t absorb into anything.  In fact, if you were to run your hand through the fog coming out of our nozzles, it’d come out completely dry.

Due to this we have gained a reputation as perhaps the best mold removal company West Palm Beach has to offer – because our technology for mold remediation works.

So simple you say?  That sounds so easy you say?

Just wait.  Let’s keep it interesting:  it isn’t the dry fog molecules themselves that kill the mold.  If that’s all it was, those dirty little mold spores would smile and wave us off.  However, those micro Hercules droplets bounce around the room everywhere, holding their surface tension until suddenly the droplets pop and turn into a gas.  That gas then seeps into all of the little pockets in every porous surface of the house, striking fear into the toxic hearts of every little bacteria, virus and mold spore in your house.  Don’t worry, it’s a clean, quick end.  We put them out of their misery oh so gently.  We’re nice that way. This is how we can confidently say that we arguably are the top mold removal company Palm Beach has.

How could something be so dangerous to mold and bacteria but not to me?

OK, ok, so this stuff kills bacteria, viruses and mold with wild abandon, resulting in pure mold removal.  So how is something toxic to them, not toxic to me? The question should be, how does the gas actually kill the bacteria, virus and mold spores in the first place?  Our chemical compound is essentially a low-grade acid which breaks down the cellular walls of the mold spore itself, thus making it collapse.  No spores, no mold.  However, you’re pretty special in that you have stronger cells with a different cellular wall structure that isn’t affected by the chemical at all.  The same way salt is used as a disinfectant and a preservative to kill bacteria, mold, etc, yet goes so well with a margarita. Take it from us, Dominic has been fogging thousands of homes, and other than a new inexplicable fascination with My Little Pony, he turned out just fine…

Don’t take it from us

Fine. Don’t take it from us, after all we’re the ones selling you on it.  Take it from the US Army Corps of Engineers who decided to undertake a full evaluation of our chemicals and process, InstaPURE & EverPURE, subsequently authorizing their use in treating all US military & government installations.  If you haven’t met incredibly picky people, we have a few of them we can introduce you to…

But it is a pure and simple fact that Mold Bros prides itself in providing some of the best mold removal West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County have to offer. If you are really looking to get rid of that mold and for good, you’ve come to the right page!

Mold Remediation West Palm Beach

Mold Removal Palm Beach


InstaPURE has been a labor of love

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the 1950’s.  Don’t ask us what date, the 50’s were a wild time and we’re a little foggy on it. (Get it?)  There were these guys, in hospitals, with the poor task of cleaning the insides of dialysis machines.  Doesn’t sound so hard until you have to contemplate the fact that whatever you clean it with, cannot leave the slightest trace of toxin to be picked up and carried into the blood stream of the next patient who already has a compromised immune system.  There you have one of the most mundane yet stressful jobs possible.  Well, one of these guys gets bored and decides to create a chemical that can be used to sterilize the dialysis equipment yet leaves absolutely no toxic residue.

Voila.  InstaPURE is born.  He developed a chemical that kills toxins, but itself is non-toxic?  Yeah he thought he was pretty special too.

InstaPURE in the modern world

Fast forward to today, and this same chemical is used in many different industries to sterilize everything from laboratories to hospital rooms.  Even the big drug companies use it to sterilize their machines that process the medications people take every day. Then the big “duh” moment occurred and someone had the bright idea of combining Dry Fog technology with the InstaPURE chemical being used to sterilize laboratories, to completely and thoroughly sterilize any size house in a matter of hours without leaving any toxic residue behind. It became obviously clear that the sterilization included the elimination of mold spores in addition to the bacteria and viruses.  Hence the birth of Pure Maintenance, the creator of the InstaPURE Dry Fog technology.

We hit ’em where it hurts.  Right in the spores.

We at Mold Bros, saw that this technology was, like, really, really, really cool.  Combined with our cat-like Samurai skills, we realized we could help Pure Maintenance fight the good fight and make it available to every homeowner battling legions of mold around the world.  We’re like hit men for mold. We hit ’em where it hurts.  Right in the spores.

As a result of this we have come out on top as one of the leading mold removal companies West Palm Beach has to offer. Which, to be quite frank, we are very proud of. Not only do we get to fight the good fight against these harmful bacteria and mold cells, we also get to help people lead a healthier life in a more pleasant environment.

Mold Removal West Palm Beach


Who ever said ‘Leave well enough alone’?

No idea.  But he obviously didn’t say it to us, and thank goodness for that.  The geniuses at Pure Maintenance were happily rolling along with InstaPURE, when they suddenly came across EverPURE.  Not a likely plot for a romance, however it was love at first sight.  Soul mates really.  EverPURE is like the Yin to InstaPURE’s Yang.

Once the mold is gone, does it stay gone?

InstaPURE does all the hard work, then EverPURE comes along and ensures that once the mold is gone, it can’t come back. Now that is some serious mold removal.  EverPURE is emitted as a dry fog in the same way as InstaPURE, but tweaked to have just slightly bigger droplets (25 microns instead of 7 in case you really care) so that instead of bouncing off of surfaces, they stick to them, forming a microscopic coating, so small it can only be seen by an electron microscope.  A human hair is Godzilla compared to the thickness of the coating.  EverPURE is it’s own kind of cool in that it forms its molecules on surfaces in the shape of itty bitty, teeny tiny spikes.  Nothing an ant would notice.  But oh do these mold spores notice. West Palm Beach mold removal at your service.

No spore = no mold = no toxic waste

Imagine a room in which the walls are covered in negatively charged little spikes.  Now comes along a menacing positively charged baloon bent on destruction.  He thinks he’s big and mighty, right up to the point he floats near the wall and gets sucked to the negative charge of the pointy thing, at which point he pops and isn’t so mighty any more.  EverPURE does exactly that to mold spores.  Negative charge attracts the spores to it, then the combination of the spike-like shape of the structure and the negative charge, dissolves and punctures the cell walls of the mold spore sending it to an early demise.  No spore = no mold = no toxic waste products being produced.

Oh but there’s more…

While this was all going on, it was noticed that something else entirely seemed to be happening.  With a little snooping around, it was discovered that the EverPURE molecule was oxidizing, and thus rendering inert, the various toxic waste products produced by the mold.  So it killed the mold spores, and cleaned up the mess.  However it didn’t stop there.  It also oxidized other harmful chemicals and deposits that are often present in our environment.  So great was this discovery, EverPURE was even used to clean out old, siezed meth labs, rendering them non-toxic!

With science this cool, we couldn’t sit on it.  So now every space that we treat with InstaPURE, thereby getting rid of all mold, is then gone back over with EverPURE to leave a protective film which guards against the re-growth of mold for up to a year.  Thus we were able to guaranty our work and we really like that.