WARRANTY: Mold Bros residential services are guaranteed for a period of 1 year. Warranty is only valid if the entire property is treated at the same time. Warranty is void if any part of the property is not treated. The 1-year warranty is valid for one year from the date listed at the top of this form. If at any time during the following 12 months, mold is found in the area of service at a greater density than the outside air, Mold Bros will re-treat the property at no charge. Mold Bros commercial services are guaranteed for a period of 90 days. Warranty is void if additional water is introduced to premises after Mold Bros’ treatment, i.e. ground water, broken pipe, appliance leak, roof leak, Air Conditioning/de-humidifier malfunction or non-operation, etc. or if any current water issues have not been fixed prior to Mold Bros arriving for initial treatment. If warranty is used, all original signed pages of the Terms and Conditions included herein, as well as all original signed pages of separate signed Estimate, must be presented to a Mold Bros employee at the time of a secondary inspection. If the lab test taken after treatment indicates re-treatment is necessary, and if it is also determined that the moisture-causing problem, which contributed to the mold problem, is still not handled, or if it is discovered that there were additional leaks, or moisture issues in the property which was not handled before Mold Bros’ treatment of the property, Client understands and agrees that Mold Bros reserves the right to charge between 50% and 100% of the original cost for re-treatment, at Mold Bros’ sole discretion. If mold returns after treatment for any reason, Mold Bros’ warranty is limited to just the re-treatment of the property. Client agrees that Mold Bros is not responsible or liable, financially or otherwise, for any costs, fees, medical bills due to illness, or any other type of cost beyond the re-treatment of the property by Mold Bros technicians.

GUARANTEE: Mold Services performed by Mold Bros are guaranteed. After service is completed, and before the Mold Bros technician leaves the job site, he or she will collect an air sample within the property to compare to an air sample taken outside of the property used as a control sample. These air samples will be sent to an independent 3rd party lab for detailed analysis. Once Mold Bros receives a detailed report from the third-party lab, a Mold Bros employee will forward the report on to the customer. Mold Bros guarantees that the indoor mold count will be at or below outdoor mold count. Mold Bros’ guarantee is solely applied to the effectiveness of treatment as determined by lab reports from air quality samples taken at the property. Mold Bros does not place a guarantee on the health, bodily condition or physical well-being of Client(s) or any other person, pet, animal, etc. on the property in any way. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Mold Bros from any and all claims related to health-related issues of any persons or animals associated with the property or Job Site.