There are a few key parts to the difference in technology when it comes to the difference between Dry-Fog and Fogging.

One, regular fogging is only able to handle surfaces and what is in the air, this is because the fogging method uses extremely large particle sizes for the product that is delivered (therefore you can see the fog in the air). When it comes to Dry-Fog, the particle size is so small it is not visible to the eye and can actually penetrate the surfaces in a home, killing mold that is in your walls, AC ducts, and in attics or crawl spaces.

Two, the chemicals that are used in our Dry-Fog process are 100% non-toxic and are far more effective at killing mold than the chemicals people use to fog.

Three, the treatment time involved in Fogging is extremely short, sometimes only taking up to five minutes which does not effectively handle the entire mold problem. The treatment time involved in Dry-Fogging a home takes hours.

Note: You will often hear with fogging “the only thing it does is get the mold wet so it falls to the ground to pass an air quality test”, Dry-Fog is a totally dry process and this doesn’t happen.